About the company

Grupa Azoty Polskie Konsorcjum Chemiczne sp. z o.o. (Grupa Azoty PKCh) is a company owned by Grupa Azoty S.A., which manages subsidiaries responsible for the following areas: design, preparation and investment execution, repairs, provision of maintenance services, and maintaining in effective working order production lines in Grupa Azoty S.A. and Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe Kędzierzyn S.A. 
Grupa Azoty PKCh supervises and coordinates the internal consolidation and restructuring processes of the entities making up the Group. Thanks to its material and human capital, its core competencies and experience, Grupa Azoty PKCh is able to provide a comprehensive range of services encompassing the following:

  • Support for investment processes, including designing and engineering services for the chemical, petrochemical, construction and power engineering industries and environmental protection;
  • Investment and engineering work encompassing automation tasks; design, installation, operation and maintenance of industrial measurement and control systems; maintenance of computer-based control systems; visualisation of processes; thermo-visual measurements and audits; as well as providing technical advice and expert opinions, performing design work and organising training events;
  • operation of industrial projects, including maintenance-related services; repairs, diagnostics and modernisation of machines and equipment; assembly and repair of process installations for the chemical, petrochemical and power engineering industries; assembly, workshop and maintenance work;
  • chemical rescue services and the highly hazardous work connected with such services; as well as  the storage, segregation and utilisation of waste; specialised laboratory services; minor chemical production; organisation of specialised training events; and preparation of environmental documentation.

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